Well, I thought I would have more to report at this point, but then AssCreed Origins happened. I could probably finish the story today or tomorrow if I really wanted to, but the game is so vast, and Ubi seems to have incorporated CDPR’s philosophy on open world design into their own established style. This does seem to be the next and natural evolution of open world design to some extent.

Vapor Dosh

Finally, it happened.

Me right now



So, Darksiders becomes the first game assassinated from my new 2018 edition of The 26. I’ve had this game in my library since Christmas Eve 2010, which is also the last time I played it. I bought it directly from the Steam store for $9.99, and considering it was available in bundles for only $1 two years later, I have some regret about that. But, it was also a fairly new title, released in January of that year, and I still managed to defeat one of the first bosses – Tiamat – and garner nine achievements before Christmas. Sadly, it was then tossed upon the slowly-growing backlog for another seven years. Until now…

Darksiders is a complicated game to describe. It does nearly everything well, and nearly nothing well, all at the same time. Mostly, it’s good. But only “good” – not amazing in any aspect. Sort of like the title itself – “Darksiders” – there’s some intrigue there, but then I don’t recall the word ever being mentioned in the course of the game apart from the title screen.

It was definitely made to be played with a controller, and this may be a portion of where my difficulty lay when I had first picked it up in 2010. I got lost a lot, and didn’t really know what I was doing. That didn’t happen much this time around, and I attribute a part of that to just learning the general gaming tropes of the action/adventure/puzzler genre. Yes, “puzzler”. You aren’t just fighting things in this game, you’re also solving environmental puzzles. A lot! It’s very similar to Prince of Persia, or The Legend of Zelda.

The fight system is adequate, but I would occasionally long for the smoothness of the Arkham series’s combat. In Darksiders, there’s a “counter-block”, but typically you’ll just be spamming attacking and dodging 99% of the time. I’m not sure if you could avoid ever getting hit, but it might be possible, if very very difficult. I played on Normal difficulty, and the game seemed appropriate to my skill level most of the time. The game doesn’t punish you too much when you die, either, which is nice. In all, you explore around ten or twelve small to medium sized areas, hunting for secrets and whatever story goal brought you there in the first place. It took me about 25 hours, and then I spent some more time trying to finish off an armor set without referring too much to a guide, but I decided I’d rather just finish the game than collect everything. Sadly, there’s no “New Game+” mode, although you can bring over that collectible armor set into a New Game if you manage to complete it. This game needs a “New Game+” mode. I was very surprised that it didn’t have one. You unlock quite a few new trinkets and abilities over the course of the game and it’s a shame to see them used only a few times. Also, I was finding it very difficult to max out my weapons, since I was running out of enemies by the end; maps that had had decent fights were becoming mostly-empty wastelands.

The voice acting is good, if needlessly grave. The art style is cohesive and reminds me of comic books (McFarlane’s style in particular), Blizzard’s art style, and a cartoonish version of Dark Souls. The music isn’t particularly memorable, but works well in that I don’t remember ever being annoyed by it. The level design is pretty good, and some of the chests are rather cleverly hidden. The characters are… okay. I like the Blacksmith, but otherwise they’re mostly just tropes. And the story is a complete mess at the beginning (you’re War, a horseman of the Apocalypse, but the Apocalypse shouldn’t have happened, and the other three horsemen didn’t come out, and now everyone’s pissed at you for doing… something…?), but at least it comes together okay for a pretty decent finale.

Overall, I can’t quite recommend it unless you just want a more heaven-and-hell themed 3D Zelda adventure. If you only have a few games, it’s an honestly great addition to a gaming library, but if you’re spoiled for choice, there are much better choices. Still, I’m keeping Darksiders III on my wishlist, and will (eventually) get around to Darksiders II.

Also, there’s a DLC Scythe that likely requires a hack to use on PC, but I didn’t miss not having it. And according to the forums, achievements may not unlock unless you restart Steam between game sessions (I didn’t have this problem though, and it’s fixed in the Warmastered Edition).


Was watching Awesome Games Done Quick when I could. Missed a bunch of it when I was away, but I’m very much looking forward to watching the recorded version of the four-way Ori and the Blind Forest race!
Also, my personal/projects HDD failed in December. I think I’ve finally recovered all my personal photos and videos now (thanks to backup/sync services), but I don’t actually remember what the other 400 or so gigs of stuff I lost was… o_0 (hopefully that’s for the best…). Hadn’t played any games during those first weeks of recovery, not wanting to risk destabilizing the system any more than it was, and I had just gotten back from two weeks in Pennsylvania (yay, got some snow for Christmas! :D), so I was jonesing to get back to DiRT and Dark Souls and couldn’t! Oh well… things are (probably, hopefully…) okay now… until my C:\ drive fails… same model as the personal/projects drive, and ten years old.

Also playing…

  • The Purring Quest (started)
    Cute, simple, not quite as cat-smooth as I’d hoped, but it should be easy to 100%.
  • Cuphead (started)
    Thank you, GF, for the wonderful Christmas gift! :D Started playing this with her (though I don’t expect her to continue) and managed to get through a few easy (“simple”) levels and bosses, and even beat one boss on “regular” before calling it quits for now.
  • The Sexy Brutale (started)
    Saved four house guests and loving the game so far, and although I wish I could move faster, I understand why that probably had to be very balanced during the design work for this game.
  • Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines (started)
    Never played this back in the day. Reminds me a bit of Jagged Alliance, in a good way. Real-life war footage is great for immersion. On Mission 3 (or 4?) now, the dam.
  • Dead Cells (continuing)
    Great rogue-like gameplay loop in this one… I’m usually “meh” about those, but this one’s really nice! Smooth and speedy!
  • Android games…
    This month, beat “Purrfect Spirits” (it’s okay, at least it’s not an infinite clicker, but it almost feels like it will be, and it requires watching around 60 or so ads over time in order to complete the game)., and in a few months prior, beat “20B wives” (cute, also just okay, but at least it wasn’t too difficult to finish), “10000000” (also just okay, but has a decent amount of polish – it’s also on Steam), and “Prune” (a beautiful game! very glad to have gotten it on Humble at some point!).

Need to get back to!…

  • Dark Souls
  • DiRT Rally

Bank of Cirilla 358 games

1% won't play
66% never played
10% unfinished
8% beaten
15% completed
Leaving Lyndow

Leaving Lyndow 💜💜💜💙💙

Bank of Cirilla
7 of 7 achievements (100%)
I bought this a while back and don't regret it. Very short game but really nice story! Graphics are fantastic... Although they need to fire whoever did the character designs... It was awful to look at and I couldn't keep my face straight while talking to the NPCs n.n

INSIDE 💜💜💜💜💙

Bank of Cirilla
14 of 14 achievements (100%)
I finally got around to playing this game! My god I liked games like Limbo but Inside just hit the ball out the park! I loved this game so much with its artsy graphics and the typical puzzle platformer gameplay I've learned to love... The red contrasting the black and white environment was very appealing and the music was very good especially the sounds with the way chains slash together and the slapping of slimy feet on the concrete was just amazing! Loved this game a lot! I want to read up more about the story as like any other game in the genre it doesn't leave the gamer knowing everything about the story...

The Fidelio Incident 💜💜💜💜💙

Bank of Cirilla
14 of 14 achievements (100%)
What a bloody game! Centered between an Irish couple you follow a disastrous adventure and it feels a lot like Firewatch but wayyyy better. The graphics are very realistic however framey at points... The story is heavily focused in the collectibles but I followed a guide easily so it wasn't too bad. Loved the voice acting so much, I guess I would say that since its my favourite accent xD

Thank you Mskotor for the layout help! I hope I haven’t messed anything up ^^


Mushy the Clonefish

Mid-Month Update: January!

It’s been a very productive first two weeks of the year … in terms of beating games at least. Already done with 3 games from my ABC Challenge as well as 5 others! If you have any questions about any of the below games, please just ask in the comments! (UPDATE: Also I’ll be trying to do one of these updates about every 2 weeks!)

ABC Challenge

  • 1953 - KGB Unleashed

    2 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent

    13 hours playtime

    11 of 17 achievements

  • Bulletstorm

    6 hours playtime

    no achievements

1953 - KGB Unleashed

An okay point-and-click adventure that takes place in an abandoned Cold War Russian bunker where some shady experiments were taking place (because of course they were). You are there for some reason and some sort of story goes on around you, I didn’t find the story all that interesting and at a few major points it made no sense whatsoever to me. A redeeming part of the storytelling is that there is plenty of collectible documents to read with varying degrees of interesting content, though I personally got bored with a lot of them just due to how technically they were written (in that some felt like actual boring military documents). As for the gameplay, I thought some of the puzzles were very clever if a bit vague as to what you were actually supposed to be doing. My biggest gripe about the gameplay is that some of the necessary items feel a little too hard to spot/find.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

A really atmospheric horror game set in the good olde days! You are Daniel, you have amnesia (big surprise there), and you have an evil spooky thing chasing after you. I really liked this game and the story that you slowly uncover throughout, the character of Daniel feels decently realistic with his reactions to the events that are going on around him and his prior actions that you uncover through diary entries given the situation he was in. The atmosphere in the game is very well done and the creators seemed to have a knack to make safe places feel unsafe. Despite this, the game wasn’t all that scary for me. The AI was very easy to figure out and the scripted events eventually became predictable which quickly turned the horror into more of an inconvenience than anything else. As for the extra content, the short stories in Remember were interesting and helped add to the story and Justine was scarier for me than the base game and had a lot of good ideas, it’s just a shame that it was so short.


I’m not a huge shooter fan, generally takes a very specific mood for me to feel like playing one (or a fun multiplayer component), so my opinion of Bulletstorm may be a bit biased. The game definitely has some very creative ideas for a shooter with it’s skill kill system. The time between each new gun feels near perfect in that you seem to get one as soon as you start to get tired of the ones you already have, it’s just unfortunate that the guns that should be the most fun to play with are so useless whether because of very limited ammo or too little damage. The story is passable, predictable, and about what you would expect once it starts to get going. The characters are witty and sometimes funny but can be grating at times and are generally one-dimensional.

Other Games

  • Candle

    10 hours playtime

    16 of 23 achievements

  • Leaving Lyndow

    3 hours playtime

    7 of 7 achievements

  • Hexcells Plus

    14 hours playtime

    6 of 6 achievements

  • Hexcells Infinite

    12 hours playtime

    6 of 7 achievements

  • Clustertruck

    3 hours playtime

    14 of 19 achievements


A beautiful looking adventure game that definitely deserves the awards it got for its visuals. The gameplay is mostly similar to point-and-click games with slight platforming elements. What you need to do to progress is usually straightforward but quickly becomes aggravating when it isn’t. But the story is still cute and the world is full of character and appealing artwork and was just an overall enjoyable experience.

Leaving Lyndow

A very short walking simulator with nice visuals about a girl who has to say goodbye as she leaves her home to explore the world. The main focus is on the leaving part as is in the title, but due to its short length there really isn’t much to talk about without spoiling most of the game.

Hexcells Plus and Hexcells Infinite

I honestly loved the trilogy of Hexcells games. To me they were just very engrossing and gave my brain quite the exercise as I tried to logic through the puzzles without having to resort to guessing. For me it was possible with the majority of the puzzles, but there were a few here and there that felt impossible to do without taking some guesses.


A quirky little speed platformer RNG simulator! Incredibly fun and incredibly frustrating at times due to the semi-random nature of the trucks that you have to jump upon. The levels and worlds are different enough that you don’t feel like you’re doing the same thing each time and most of the abilities are fun to use. My only issues with the game is that most of the more expensive abilities feel useless when compared to some of the cheaper ones and that sometimes a level can be impossible just because of the RNG in the driving and physics of the trucks.


Update One Hundred and Eleven: 15 January 2017

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

107 hours, 34 of 41 achievements


Wow. Where to begin.

So when I first started this game, I had a few questions (and was asked a few questions). Here they are, with my answers:

Is it worth the price? Yes. Compared to SDR2, this game has a much higher production value, does way more things, and has several additional game modes that justify the price, I THINK. It’s steep, but even getting it at 30% or 40% off is worthwhile. I did very little idling of this game so 107 is my accurate playtime.
Does it stand up to the other games? Yes.
Does it justify its own existence as the third installment of this series? Absolutely. It takes the tried-and-true ‘wacky unique teenagers are forced to murder each other’ bulk of the gameplay and couches it in something new, fresh, and unexpected. It’s not just ‘here’s danganronpa again’.
How did I like the ending? I loved it. This is a big contention among the fanbase, and a controversial opinion. I never saw it coming, and, echoing other gems like Virtue’s Last Reward, the ending was a solid two-hours of me holding my brain and going ‘WHAT!!!!!’ while grinning like an idiot. It was fresh, it was now, it was meta as fuck, and it played with the medium of gaming in ways that I greatly enjoyed.

It hit all my three asks - it updates the classic Danganronpa style but still is wholly itself, it subverts expectations at every turn in intelligent, interesting ways, and it was a joy to play - and, yes, you do play this visual novel. It barely qualifies as such anymore, with the number of minigames it has, and navigating around several 3D environments was fun. The voice acting is superb, and I even ended up really liking the resident troublemaker character this time (that’s rare for me!). Not everything works super well - I’m not a big fan of mascot characters, and they made the mistake of adding FIVE new ones here. It’s a chore to sit through all their kind of dumb banter at the beginning.

Most of the minigame and sidegame stuff is fun - the new things in the trial, the casino bits, stuff like that. There’s another post-game game mode where it’s just a happy nice dating sim which is as nice as always. There’s a huge chunk, though, that I’m not even going to TOUCH. There’s a big combo board game/slot machine/RPG dungeon crawler thing that I tried a little of and went ‘no thank you’ and shelved - that’s where all the missing achievements are from. I’m not even going to pretend I’ll ever go back and try it - I’m good.

This is a game predicated on your experience with the past two mainline Danganronpa games, so you really have to play those first before you sink your teeth into this one. If you enjoyed them, though, you’ll enjoy this one, too! (Unless you end up hating the ending, then you’ll just love 5/6ths of it).

Suffice it to say, this game has earned a spot on my Visual Novel Masterlist - I had a blast.

Next up: I continue to treat myself. Edith Finch for me, and Okami with the girlfriend!

See you soon!


Coming back after 3 months, I think i will spend more time reading than writing. But at the very least i’ve taken a look at my last 5 beaten games

Momonga Pinball Adventures

Date: 2016 | 2 of 10 achievements |
★★☆☆☆ </a>


I could have played something better. It's a cute looking game with some busy work.
Its a Pinball adventure game, im sure everyone as seen them. Those games that are not so much about having a believable board or real physics, But then have huge creative maps, with alot of minigames, challenges and collectibles.
Still, it needs to be balanced, for the pinball portion to work, for it to be addictive.
This game was so boring and so frustrating, i didn't even do anything else besides finishing each map. Im so done with it. Its going to rest in the depths of my library, and hopefully i can pretend it doesnt even exist
For starters, what they did to compensate for the short length was, to have this SM64 approach where you can only do one challenge at a time
The ball is huge, both bumpers can hit it, same with objects
Then there's broken physics, it just glitches inside objects, i've also had get stuck on borders once. had to restart the map, thank you vey much
It's also heavy but for whatever reason, it doesn't slide down as fast as i hoped for, maybe the map is not that inclined. But it sure is noticeable when it hits the bumper, because those things can only trow it towards the oposite side. If you cant be precise than you have to be lucky as hell to complete some of these sidequest
It's unfair, it's boring and frustrating, and gives you too little of a range to where you can actually throw the ball.
Quite honestly, i like SMPinball, pokemon, even SonicSpinball. those are so much better, for such a weak device like the GBA, it surprisingly offers better gameplay

BioShock Infinite

Date: 2013 | 22 of 80 achievements
★★★★☆ Screenshots


Base game only, though i think im going for the Dlc in the near future. Im not sure yet, i think the 1999 mode does explain the weird,rather pointless death system for the entire series
For the ones that never noticed, because, well it's practically impossible for it to happen, without actually trying to, but the game does reload a save point, if you dont have enough currency to revive
1999 fixes that, but also ups the difficulty of enemy encounters, which is a bummer. In any case, it's not necessary to beat the game, it should unlock with the Konami Code.
This was actually my least favorite Bioshock, it still is. It's the furthest they have gotten from System Shock, in terms of structure.
Idk, i feel like there is less to play with. Which well it is true, for a good portion of the game, early levels dont offer that much of a range when it comes to Plasmids.


Date: 2017 | 7 of 36 achievements
★★★★☆ Screenshots


Well...i did enjoy it considerably more than the vast majority. Though, i do love Rogue-like in general, or just elements of it
I do understand that, whoever hoped for either Roguelike or Quake, got both, and none to the full extent of the genre
Im fine with, a lot of them elements are well implemented, there are a huge chunk of reasons to go back, including the constant learning of the games mechanics, and the multiple secrets and references to other games. It possible to strafe and bunny hop, which does not end well for me
I only have major problem:
Its easy and considerably short. If it was longer it would probably help, in particular if it had boss fights, which it doesnt, it has an arena, in my opinion the laziest end boss one can get. Status upgrades don't really fit in that well, part of the fun is the RNG and multiple unknown items. Love it or Hate it, at least Devolver games have a kickass OST


Date: 2016 | Broken achievements |coolegion
★★☆☆☆ </a>


It's a mobile game, all of their games are. What's interesting is that it looks like an old cereal box game. That's it...aside from that it's a very simplified rip off
It works, you can plug a controller. That's probably more than half of Steam DIrect games. But who would complete a superficial version of Mario Kart, without any of the mechanics?
Also the achievements are broken and the devs are long gone

Tomb Raider I

Date: 1996 | No achievements


There are a few versions of this game for PC. If you dont need the controller, dont even look at this one, or maybe buy it and install a mod.
This is the original DOS game, and i dont know how but it manages to look worse than the PS I version. It's also not the Gold edition, so, no expansion here
The thing is, my DS4 wont work correctly on any of the other versions of this game.
The original tomb raider is not something i would recommend these days, i was just curious. I knew of it, but from seeing a neighbour playing in his sega saturn, Segas where popular in Europe
In general, its not a constantly satisfying playthrough, too much back and forward. But it has its moments.
The level design that leads to Lost valley is just absurd. It's a place that exists and it's a dead end. But from there Dinosaurs do become an enemy even outside of that map, good job not wasting those models
Also i can't believe someone looked at the original trilogy and adapted it to a movie. Its just like Mario, somethings are beyond belief

Degree of appreciation — 10% — 20% — 30% — 40% — 50% — 60% — 70% — 80% — 90%
Title: Entangle
Developer: Blake Garner
Publisher: Blake Garner
Release date: 2017-02-17
Regular price: 5,99 €
Bundled:      ☑Yes ☐No
Achievements: ☑Yes ☐No
Cards:        ☐Yes ☒No
  • Entangle

    7 hours playtime

    5 of 5 achievements

  • </li>

cards idling:

Complete 50 levels.

Estimated total reading time: 1 minute, 41 seconds. Contains 338 words.

As name suggests, you’ll face entangled levels =P

Each of these levels has colored worms that you have to bring to their own nest. Disclaimer: they may not really be worms.

They start easy but turn very complex after a while.
I’ve written complex but I was undecided if to write tedious instead, because advanced levels require you to click a lot of switches :\ not that it was a bad thing per se, but they could have implemented it in a better way (like, changing color with the mouse wheel, or even speeding up animations after your actions.)

I liked it though, even if there were too many symmetrical/mirrored level for my tastes (this means that many times you need to only solve half of the levels and then redo the same steps in the other half).
Even in “asymmetrical” levels there are usually parts in common (it makes sense, without shared path there won’t be a puzzle) and you may need a couple of attempts to get the correct order of each step.

If you like achievements, you’ll get all of them by solving every level :)

۰ ‒◅◎○—◃◁⍟▷▹―○◎▻‒ ۰

UPDATE: For a short while I’ve been the first (and only) player on TrueSteamAchievements to have completed this! But it was only an “issue” due to the fact that they hadn’t listed the achievements so the game stats couldn’t be synchronized I’m currently on my longest streak ever and, thanks to that, I’m 4-5 days short. Some time has passed and I’m still in second place, should be correct as most (if not all) users should have been scanned by now (still could lose some spots if new users join the site, I think.. on AStats I’m listed as 47th).
I’ll try to get that record on another game.. someday.. must be nice to be the first one =P


Seems we’re like a year later since my last post. Haven’t been to active the past year due to a bizarre year, personal situation wise.

Anyways, just wanted to let people know I’m still trying to tackle the evil backlog, even finished a bunch of games! (And probably added a few more….)

  • Assassins creed: Origins. What else is there to say? ANCIENT EGYPT :D
  • Tales of Berseria
  • Orwell. This is actually the game that made me subscribe to humble bundle… My boyfriend already had a sub, and I got kinda jealous when he got that game, so, ye…

Currently playing the Witcher 3. This is probably going to take a long time, seeing as I’m getting way to distracted with all the side quests. :)

Degree of appreciation — 10% — 20% — 30% — 40% — 50% — 60% — 70% — 80% — 90%
Title: Rituals
Developer: Tymon Zgainski
Publisher: Mudvark
Release date: 2015-05-27
Regular price: 9,99 €
Bundled:      ☑Yes ☐No
Achievements: ☑Yes ☐No
Cards:        ☐Yes ☒No
  • Rituals

    2 hours playtime

    7 of 7 achievements

cards idling:

Healing rain
You saved the planet, let the silence be your reward.

Estimated total reading time: 1 minute, 17 seconds. Contains 258 words.

eh, everyone’s already made their annual report and I’m still here posting about games beaten in november -_- (the last one, but then I have 6 more for december) ..I’ll catch up eventually!

۰    ‒◅◎○—◃◁⍟▷▹―○◎▻‒    ۰

Ritual is another game that, when discovered, I thought “oh, cool”, but then left in the dust for who‑knows‑how‑long not true: I could easily know it, I’d just need to open a spreadsheet :v
As it often happens, the monthly theme pushed me into playing it straight away :)

Well, my impression wasn’t very off.
You can easily tell it’s an indie game just looking at those store screenshots, not a bad thing but it’s not only the low resolution graphic that “suffer” from this.
Looks like there some story but I wasn’t able to fully understand it, felt more like different disconnected levels put together to give the game some variety.
Puzzles are quite easy and total duration is not very long.
Even so, it managed to keep me curious about what was coming next, may it be because of that misterious aura, perhaps also thanks to that great variety in level settings.

Still, it could be a nice way to spend an hour or two :)